About Us

The Breeze Smartware Team


– Founder/CEO


Jay’s 30 years of extensive capital projects planning experience in public works, general aviation, and the city manager’s office laid the groundwork for developing the BreezeCIP app. “In heading up CIP teams in cities large and small, I saw the need for software to perform complex CIP functions easier and faster than spreadsheets.” A collaboration with seasoned programmers, technology executives, and local government professionals resulted in BreezeCIP. Jay is a decorated war veteran who finds fulfillment in community-building efforts and has founded two nonprofit startups.


– Marketing Manager


For several decades Holly has enjoyed a career in the multimedia industry and corporate world. Her expertise spans from the production side of the business to marketing and promotion. Holly has held executive positions with numerous cable and streaming networks, delivering programming as well as working with teams to produce marketing and promotional campaigns. In 2002, after working with Mel Gibson on “The Passion of the Christ”, Holly founded her own production company, McClure Productions. Through the years Holly has used her accumulated experience and talent, to work with numerous studios and production companies as well as consulting for various corporations.


– Director of Operations


Sujata’s passion for continuous improvement and her focus on user-end satisfaction are incredible assets to our team. She comes from a Liberal Arts background, steeped in academia, and enhances the team with her exuberant spirit, flair for writing, do-it-now attitude, and interactive skills. “Transforming Lives by Communicating” is Sujata’s mantra. Her professional experience ranges from teaching in colleges and universities to running the operations side of a manufacturing unit for high-powered diesel engine components, managing 75-100 employees.


– Director of Technology

Paul is a seasoned and talented web application developer, technical writer and trainer, with 40 years experience working with major national and international companies, including the City and County of San Francisco. Besides coding, project management, and technical training, Paul is well versed in the creation of financial systems that are not only easy to use but slightly ingenious. Having been a programmer and trainer for large companies, Paul has refined the skill of interacting with numerous departments, turning complicated requests into specific deliverables in the areas of documentation, training and executable projects. Paul has a bachelor of science in Industrial Technology and a Masters in Information Systems.